Thursday, April 19, 2012


Has it been 3 months since my last post? REALLY? I'm such a BAD blogger! Life hasn doing its job again....running mr ragged! I'm so sorry. I have been so concentrated on running the daycare, getting things made for Grandbaby #1, and day to day stuff. A quicklime_ update!: * Grandbaby #1 is going to be a girl! We found out two days ago. Grandma is shopping, knitting and crochrleting like krazy! Only 20 more weeks to go! * My daycare has taken off. As of last night I am full! It feels so nice to say that.The latest addition is an adorable 4 month old little biy who starts tomorrow. Since the rest if the kiddies are toddlers I expect some jealousy over the next couple of weeks. *We (the daycare kiddies & I) started dome tomato and basil plants from seeds a few weeks ago for a science lesson. Ghey have enjoyed the process so much. And more plants have sprouted than I expected so we had enough to send home for parents AND Grandparents plus tons here to harvest! *My younest is getting ready for high school graduation in a few weeks.etc has ensued. She is also turning 18 the same week.Where does the tome go? I will update as I can. THAT is what I

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  1. Congrats on filling your Day Care!
    and Congrats to the graduate!
    Glad to hear you're Happy, although Hectic. :-)