Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SO Happy!

I have been crocheting for 30+ (gulp) years and knitting for about 10. And I have been looking for a local charity to donate to. After searching for a while I finally found one in my area!

Project Linus

Project Linus Raleigh Chapter

My son Phillip (who was stillborn in 93) and my daughter Summer were both born at Wake Med. Also, Duke hospital saved Summer's live last Dec 21. She was hemorrhaging internally from a ruptured blood vessel ( a blood vessel that wasn't supposed to be there) and they caught it in time! So, both hospitals are close to my heart.

I will be posting photos of the afghans I make for donation as Linus Blanket #1, Linus blanket #2, etc... My goal is to donate 12 afghans over next year. 1 a month! I hope I can accomplish it with everything else I have going on!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Menu:

We did our shopping for Thanksgiving Dinner today. Here what is on our menu:

*Bacon Crescent Appetizers
*Cheese Ball With Crackers
*Deviled Eggs
*Roasted Turkey with Rosemary, Lemon & Orange
*Mashed Potatoes
*Green beans
*Cranberry Sauce
*Pumpkin Pie
*Apple Pie

It just going to be the 5 of us so, I may be over cooking! But, the leftovers will be great! What is on your menu for Thanksgiving?

Week Of Crafting

Been having a lot on my mind lately. Marriage problems that we are working through, my children getting older, finding out that I have to have 2 root canals and a couple of Jeff's long-time friends passed away (1 was murdered, 1 passed due to cancer) both were in their 40's. So, what do I do when I need to straighten out my own thoughts? I knit and/or crochet! It gives me time to really think and sort through things. I don't know why, just seems to help if my hands are busy. Here is what I am working on at this time!

The BIG UGLY! Wide enough for a king size bed. Using whatever yarn I have!

A beanie for Jeff:

And Michael's Beanie:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

What a Weekend!

Whew! What a weekend! Saturday we went to Ray Price Harley Davidson's open house. This was my first biker event even though Jeff has been riding a bike for over 20 years. I really enjoyed myself. I use to ride with him when we dated AGES ago but, just recently started riding with him again about 3 months ago. LONG story but... Ladies, if your man is REALLY into something, and I mean PASSIONATE about it, get involved too..if not, you will be missing out on some GREAT wifey points!

Once I decided to enjoy was a blast! Riding on the back of the bike was so fun. The other bikers were SO very nice. I have to admit, I WAS scared about all of the "rough" biker crap that is out there at first. But, it's SO not true! I think I have become a convert FAST! I bought some boots and a new jacket (the pink line of course). We had some really good BBQ, heard some great music, met some really nice people and bonded quite a bit.

Then we rode to the Fair Grounds for a car show. It didn't take long for Jeff to find someone who had a Charger in the show to strike up a conversation with. 2 hours later I had to drag him away, lol. His wife and I clicked and had conversations about the kids, cars, hobbies, etc... during that time. It was actually a good time.

Then we headed to our local tattoo parlor per Jeff's request. we have been talking about getting a matching tattoo for a few weeks now. Nothing with each other's name's or sappy crap like that but, something that represents our children. Something that would MEAN something to our family. We have decided that it has to include hearts and wings, perhaps even a halo to represent the son we lost. We found some things that were close to what we had in mind but nothing exact. So, we are going to ask our oldest son to sketch something for us. I think it would have more meaning. Now Jeff has to decide where he wants his put. I already know mine will be over my heart, I don't care how much it hurts. (I've given birth 5 times with no pain meds, the ink will be a breeze)! LOL

That was MY weekend, how was YOURS?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Re-Thinking The Bedroom

Yes, you read the title correctly. Here lately, I have been looking at my bedroom and it is REALLY starting to bother me. I have SO much in there that really should be addressed. Bins (and I mean HUGE bins) of yarn stacked half-way to the ceiling, my collection of dolls, an elliptical machine, play pens, a basket of clothes that need to be put away, my Hubby's desk, two sets of filing cabinets and ALL the paperwork that needs to be shredded. These are items that keep my bedroom from being a tranquil oasis for Jeff and I.
I REALLY need to tackle the problem, have for a LONG time, but where to start? That is what gets me every time. WHERE do I put all that yarn, my collectible dolls, the play pens, etc. The reason they wound up in my room to begin with is there was no where else to put them! But, I SO want my bedroom to be a romantic, relaxing environment! I would LOVE to walk into a room like the ones pictured below:

Don't they just look SOOOOO inviting? Now, how to get the junk out. I don't have the $ to go out and buy all new everything. I have to work with what we already have. I could swing new paint but, that is about it. The wheels are turning!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bad, BAD Blogger!

I cannot believe it has been almost 3 months since my last post! BAD BAD BLOGGER!
Lots has been going on here at the Jenkins house. My oldest daughter moved out, then moved back home. Boy troubles with my youngest daughter had taken over for a bit and my Dad wound up in the ICU after a kidney stone surgery that went awry! Life is NEVER dull. But, things are calming down and my Dad is back home after a BIG scare for all of us.

I decided to re-name my blog. There is just too many other interesting things to write about besides couponing. So, there will be some changes. I plan to post a little of everything. Crafting I am doing at the moment, family things, daycare happenings and funnys, recipes I fall in love with and of course, couponing and managing the house. Maybe some marriage helps here and there too....who knows! (we know after a few years, we can all use some ideas there). I hope this rounds out the blog better also. Makes it a more interesting read for you. So, sit back and enjoy the ride, let me know what you think!