Thursday, November 10, 2011

Re-Thinking The Bedroom

Yes, you read the title correctly. Here lately, I have been looking at my bedroom and it is REALLY starting to bother me. I have SO much in there that really should be addressed. Bins (and I mean HUGE bins) of yarn stacked half-way to the ceiling, my collection of dolls, an elliptical machine, play pens, a basket of clothes that need to be put away, my Hubby's desk, two sets of filing cabinets and ALL the paperwork that needs to be shredded. These are items that keep my bedroom from being a tranquil oasis for Jeff and I.
I REALLY need to tackle the problem, have for a LONG time, but where to start? That is what gets me every time. WHERE do I put all that yarn, my collectible dolls, the play pens, etc. The reason they wound up in my room to begin with is there was no where else to put them! But, I SO want my bedroom to be a romantic, relaxing environment! I would LOVE to walk into a room like the ones pictured below:

Don't they just look SOOOOO inviting? Now, how to get the junk out. I don't have the $ to go out and buy all new everything. I have to work with what we already have. I could swing new paint but, that is about it. The wheels are turning!

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