Sunday, November 13, 2011

What a Weekend!

Whew! What a weekend! Saturday we went to Ray Price Harley Davidson's open house. This was my first biker event even though Jeff has been riding a bike for over 20 years. I really enjoyed myself. I use to ride with him when we dated AGES ago but, just recently started riding with him again about 3 months ago. LONG story but... Ladies, if your man is REALLY into something, and I mean PASSIONATE about it, get involved too..if not, you will be missing out on some GREAT wifey points!

Once I decided to enjoy was a blast! Riding on the back of the bike was so fun. The other bikers were SO very nice. I have to admit, I WAS scared about all of the "rough" biker crap that is out there at first. But, it's SO not true! I think I have become a convert FAST! I bought some boots and a new jacket (the pink line of course). We had some really good BBQ, heard some great music, met some really nice people and bonded quite a bit.

Then we rode to the Fair Grounds for a car show. It didn't take long for Jeff to find someone who had a Charger in the show to strike up a conversation with. 2 hours later I had to drag him away, lol. His wife and I clicked and had conversations about the kids, cars, hobbies, etc... during that time. It was actually a good time.

Then we headed to our local tattoo parlor per Jeff's request. we have been talking about getting a matching tattoo for a few weeks now. Nothing with each other's name's or sappy crap like that but, something that represents our children. Something that would MEAN something to our family. We have decided that it has to include hearts and wings, perhaps even a halo to represent the son we lost. We found some things that were close to what we had in mind but nothing exact. So, we are going to ask our oldest son to sketch something for us. I think it would have more meaning. Now Jeff has to decide where he wants his put. I already know mine will be over my heart, I don't care how much it hurts. (I've given birth 5 times with no pain meds, the ink will be a breeze)! LOL

That was MY weekend, how was YOURS?

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