Monday, May 30, 2011

My $75 A Week Challenge!

     After talking fiances with the Hubby (Jeff), we realized that things are getting tighter and tighter here at the Krazi household. Being a SAHM/ Home Daycare owner, I don't bring in very much to help. Or, at least to me it's not very much, I make in a month what Jeff brings home in a week. And with Jeff's overtime hours getting harder to come by, making the mortgage is getting hard. So, with some thought I have decided to give myself a challenge of spending $75 or less a week for our groceries for 4 people, the daycare kiddies (other daycare supplies NOT included), 6 cats, 1 dog and 1 hamster. Usually we spend at least $150 on groceries and HBA a week so, I will have to be super mindful about my purchases.

     I have decided on some basic rules for myself.
  1. If I do NOT spend the whole $75 one week, what is left can be added to following weeks.
  2. I HAVE to make a menu plan for ALL meals, not just Dinner.
  3. I CAN buy for my stockpile but it still comes out of the same $75.
 I have a decent stockpile of a lot of items that we use regularly. This challenge will also help me get more creative with our menu.
     I am going to follow this challenge for 1 month, starting 6/5/2011...this coming up Sunday. This will give us an extra $300 than can go towards other financial obligations. And who knows, maybe I'll extend it if feasible.

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