Sunday, July 10, 2011

5 Days In with Low Carb & Shopping Trip

Today is 5 complete days of my new low carbohydrate diet. And I must say that it is going better than I expected. The first 2 1/2 days I CRAVED my daily popcorn fix but nothing else. I did give in on Wednesday and had a snack sized bag (only 16 grams of carbs total), but since then the craving has seemed to disappear.

I have lost 10 pounds in 5 days! The swelling in my stomach,legs and ankles has completely gone away! I have lost 6 inches off of my waist so far! I feel so much better! It's hard to believe that removing high-carb foods has made such a difference!

We did our weekly shopping today. I made sure I bought enough for me to snack on if needed (one thing I learned this past week). Salmon and a lot of fresh veggies were added to this week's list.

We decided to not worry about too much couponing this trip. Mainly what we needed was fresh veggies, meats and dairy. here was our total for the week:


Not our usual savings but as I said, a lot of it was veggies. We stopped at the produce stand and I splurged on tomatoes, green beans, squash, celery, romaine, mushrooms, cantaloupe for Jeff and some onions.

We also picked up oxy clean, fabric softener, low-carb wraps,a variety of cheeses, chicken, ham, milk, heavy cream, eggs, pickles, pepperoni, creamer, splenda, oil, salmon, tuna, deviled ham, and crystal light. There were some snacks for the kids in there also that I got on-sale combine with coupons. All and all not that bad considering that I had everything I needed besides MY needs LOL

I will work on my menu plan tonight and have it posted tomorrow.

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