Monday, July 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Here is the menu for the week. don't forget to head over to Org.Junkie for lots of new ideas!

*Daycare Breakfast Choices:
-grilled cheese/pears/milk

*Daycare Lunch Choices:
-PB&J/carrot sticks/dip/apple slices/milk
-pizza/green beans/pineapple/milk
-tuna salad sandwich/corn/fruit salad/milk
-hot dogs/fries/banana/milk

*Daycare Snack Choices:
-oatmeal cookies/juice
-cheese and crackers/juice
-dry cereal/juice
-graham crackers with peanut butter/juice

I will post my Low-Carb Menu in a bit...the daycare kiddies are calling! LOL


-scrambled eggs/ham/coffee
-omelet made with onions, mushrooms and Swiss cheese
-sausage with cheese and slices tomato
-egg salad stuffed celery sticks
-ham with swiss cheese and asapragus

-Chef Salad
-chicken salad on lettuce cups
-hamburger patty with sliced mushrooms and swiss cheese/ side salad
-hot dogs no bun/ baked turnip fries
-leftover buffet

-Chicken stir-fry without rice
-BBQ ribs/ green beans/ roasted broccoli
-meatloaf/ mashed cauliflower/ squash
-lemon-pepper chicken/ tomato slices/ side salad
-chicken alfredo served over spaghetti squash/ side salad

-Hot & spicy pork rinds
-cheddar cheese and pepperoni slices
-celery stuffed with cheese
-pepperoni chips
-vienna sausages

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