Friday, June 17, 2011

Another Weekend

Here it is, another weekend with Jeff being on call. I hate it when he works 70+ hours in a week. Not only do I miss him but, I worry. Since he works in commercial HV/AC, he can get injured VERY easily if he isn't paying 100% attention to what he is doing. And when you are exhausted, it's hard to give 100% of your attention to anything.

I ordered some new toys for the daycare yesterday. I had been wanting to get either a climber with a slide or some cozy coupes for a LONG time. I finally broke down and bought two of Fisher Price's version of the cozy coupes. One is pink and one is teal. I hope the daycare kiddies like them! I will purchase a climber/slide next month if I have the funds available. Luckily every toy I purchase is 100% tax deductible as a business expense!

I have already started planning this coming weekend's shopping trips. Again we will need a few basics. Sugar, bread, eggs, milk, juice, kitty litter, etc. This week we will definitely have to buy meats. I am down to only 1 package of ground beef, 3 packs of hot dogs and some ham in the freezer. And since Kirstey has moved back home I need to make sure I have things for her to pack for her lunch. I so hope there are some great sales! LOL Even if there isn't, I'll make it work. I am doing my best to stick to my $75 budget! Wish me luck!

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