Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Week #2 Menu Plan

Sorry I completely forgot to post this week's menu plan. It's been busy-busy here with my daycare (I am open 24/7) and Jeff worked 30 hours just this past weekend (on top of his regular 40). So, yesterday we were both exhausted.

My oldest daughter called last night informing me that she is moving back home. Hopefully I will still be able to keep the food bill to $75 a week or less. I am going to try my best!

So, here is the plan for the week. This is not just for my family but for the daycare kiddies as well. When running and operating a daycare, you HAVE to have a plan. If not, you'll have five 2 year olds all screaming "eat-eat" and you desperately trying to throw something together last minute. LOL- Believe me NOT a good start to the day! lol

*Cold cereal/milk/apple juice
*Cinnamon buns/peaches/ milk
*HM blueberry muffins/milk

*PB&J/carrot sticks with dip/milk
*Mac & Cheese/green beans/fruit salad/milk
*Hot Dogs/sweet potato fries/ grapes/milk
*leftovers from dinner
*HM mini pizzas/salad/milk

*Oven fried chicken/mashed potatoes/succotash
*Taco salad
*Chicken stir fry/ rice
*Meatloaf/ baked potatoes/roasted root veggies
*BBQ chicken/fettuccine alfredo/green beans
*Leftover night

Snacks:(ALL snack are served with 100% juice)
*HM cookies
*Veggies and dip
*cheese and crackers
*HM granola
*Dry Cereal (the kiddies LOVE it)

That's the choices for this week! Got to find some new recipes for chicken and ground beef LOL.

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