Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This Coming Week's Plan!

Okie Dokie, I've looked over all of my local grocery store's sales ads and have come up with a list on needed/ stockpile items for the week.

From Kroger:
**3 Minute Maid Punches ...$3.00
**? 5 lbs. of Kroger Ground Beef....$10.00
**? 10 lb Bag of Kroger Leg Quarters.....$6.00
**3 Snuggle Fabric Softener (stockpile)....$9.00
**3 1lb bags of Mahatma Rice (stockpile).....FREE
**6 bottles Old Orchard Juice (Stockpile)....$6.00
**15 packets Kool Aide (Stockpile).....FREE

Total At Kroger: $34.00

From Food Lion:
**2 Green bell Peppers....$1.50
**1 loaf of Nature's Own Bread.....$2.00
**10 Bottles of Power Aid.....$7.00
**1 Scott TP (12 roll)....$6.00
**1 Scott Paper Towels (6 mega rolls) $5.00
**1 Gallon Milk....$3.00
**3 bottles Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent (Stockpile)....$6.00

Total at Food Lion: $31.00

That would leave me with $10 left for the week for fresh fruit/ veg at our local road-side stand (less than 1/2 a mile from my house).

That is the plan!


I have been debating all day about the laundry detergent, chicken and ground beef purchases. I have very limited freezer space and I have 3 packages of chicken, 5lbs of ground beef, 3 lbs of pork lion, 1 lb of italian sausage, 1 package of steak, 2 three-pound packages of spiral sliced ham left over from Easter and 7 packages of hotdogs. We eat chicken every other night due to it being Jeff's favorite protein source! And the laundry detergent....I have a 6-month supply! Do I really need the extra for the stockpile this week? Is $1.99 a bottle low enough when I could buy more fresh produce with it?

I am down to my last package of TP and paper towels. And I know that we need more fresh produce. But I have tons of canned veg and fruit. My goals for the next month are not only to spend $75 a week or less on QUALITY meals, but also to continue to build my stockiple at the same time! ARGGG! HELP!!!!!

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