Saturday, June 4, 2011

Week #1 of The $75 A Week Challenge

After the wrench thrown into our budget this week, I am glad we had already decided on this challenge. Jeff did the first shopping trip for the week today for me since I have the daycare kids (I am NOT krazi enough to try to shop with a bunch of 2 year olds in tow). I will add any trips to the store to this post as the week progresses (I know I am going to need more milk).

2-64oz bottles of apple juice
10 packets of Kool Aid
2 baby wipe refills
3 lbs. of rice

Total Retail: $13.64
Total OOP: $5.11 (yep... that's right)

Trip #2-Food Lion: (Jeff forgot the coupons in his truck!)
1 lb. Mozzarella Cheese $2.49
1 bottle white wine $7.99
1 gallon 2% milk $3.79
1 package of U by Kotex Tampons $4.69

Total this trip: $20.12

Total for the week OOP: $25.23! Well below the $75.00 limit.

I have also worked out the menu plan for the week. Here is the plan:

Dinner: HM Sausage Pizza,HM Hawaiian Pizza,Salad

Breakfast: Cinnamon Buns, Juice, Milk, Coffee for me
Lunch: Turkey Sandwiches, Salad, Peaches
Dinner: Rosemary Garlic Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Brownies

Breakfast: Eggs,Toast,Cantaloupe,Milk,Coffee for Me
Lunch: Chicken Salad on Lettuce, Bread and Butter, Milk
Dinner: HM Spaghetti and Meatballs,Salad

Breakfast: Cereal, Milk, Juice and Coffee for me
Lunch: Open faced Meatball Sandwiches, Green beans, Juice
Dinner: BRINNER Eggs, Country Ham, Biscuits, Maybe Pancakes

Breakfast: Omelets, Peaches, Milk, Coffee For Me
Lunch: Hot Dogs, Sweet Potato Fries, Fruit Cocktail, Milk
Dinner: Cajun Pork Chops, Rice, Corn

Breakfast: Oatmeal, Bananas, Milk, Coffee For Me
Lunch: Ravioli, Mixed Veggies, Applesauce, Milk
Dinner: Chicken Casserole, Green Beans

Breakfast: Waffles, Pineapple, Milk, Coffee For Me
Lunch: Macaroni and Cheese, Green beans, Juice
Dinner: Leftover Buffet

Breakfast: Cereal, Milk, Juice
Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwiches, Salad, Milk, Fruit
Diner: Meatloaf, Roasted Potatoes, Corn

Snack choices for the week:
Pretzels with honey mustard dip
Cookies and Milk
Carrot Sticks and Ranch Dip
Cheese Crackers
Apple Slices with Peanut Butter-Honey Dip

That's the plan! Turned out I have a lot more than I thought-LOL

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