Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So Far-So Good!

We are mid-week through the first week of the challenge and I must admit, it is going a LOT smoother than I expected. We haven't had to make any more trips to the stores, and still have tons of items in the stockpile to choose from!

I have run out of a couple of staple items. I am out of AP flour after Friday night's pizzas. I am out of freezer bags for storage. And I am down to my last 4 tea bags (I don't know what I am going to do without my sweet tea)! But, I am not making a trip to the store until our normal shopping days (Saturdays and/or Sundays). When I use the last of the tea bags (tomorrow) I will make Kool-Aid and coffee (so I don't go through caffeine withdrawl).

I am surprised on how well the homemade pizzas went Friday night. With Jeff being from New Jersey, he is very picky about his pizza! And his comment of my Italian Sausage pizza being "pretty good" is the best compliment I could hope to get from him. And the Hawaiian pizza, the daycare kids even loved it! And they both had whole wheat crust and cost me less than $5 a pizza to make!

The only downside to the challenge has been that I am having to plan things out more and I am spending more time in the kitchen preparing meals. Which isn't a bad thing. At one time I LOVED to cook BIG meals. But, over the years as I had more children and started my daycare, meals just became routine.

And, I can't believe it but I still have PLENTY of food choices for next week! I thought by now we would be running a lot lower than we are! So, next week it shouldn't be too hard to keep my budget of $75!

So Far So Good!

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