Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Shopping Trip For the Challenge!

Today I did my last shopping trip for the month! We really didn't need much, just some meats, kitty litter, bread, lunch items for Kirstey, etc. Food Lion is having a great promotion going on right now and it's our one store we shop at every week, so I did buy items for my stockpile too.

Here is what I got:
-2 boxes of microwave popcorn (my FAVORITE snack)
-2 packages of Chips Ahoy Cookies
-2 boxes of Town House crackers
-1 package of English Muffins
-1 loaf of bread
-4 boxes of Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats (3 different varieties)
-1 box of Tetley Tea bags
-2 Hormel Complete's Meals (Kirstey's lunch)
-3 Hormel Completes Kids Meals
-2 lbs of long grain white rice (long-term stockpile in case TSHTF)
-1 lbs of dried pinto beans (long-terms stockpile in case TSHTF)
-46 Yakisoba Noodle meals (long-term stockpile in case TSHTF
-1 brick of Maxwell House Coffee
-2 bottles of A-1 Marinade
-1 jar of Vlasic Dill Pickles
-2 packages of brown gravy
-1 whole chicken
-1 whole pork loin
-2 Lunchables
-1/4 lb deli turkey
-1 1/2 pound fresh peaches
-1 1/2 pound bananas
-4 frozen burritos
-1 package klondike Crunch bars
-1 bottle of pine sol
-1 aluminum foil
-1 Tidy cats Kitty Litter (24 lbs)
-1 package of Scott paper towels (8 rolls)
-1 each Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner

Total Retail: $144.66
Total OOP: $74.61
Total Saved: $70.05

Here are the Month Totals:
OOP: $290.06
Retail: $596.37
Total Saved: $306.36

I spent in a MONTH what we use to spend a WEEK! And we have eaten just fine, maybe better than before. And my stockpile is growing too big for my cabinets! And, if you consider that I am use to spending $1,000 a made a HUGE difference in being able to get caught up on our bills! I saved $700!

I plan on keeping this up! Maybe not $75 a week, but I think $100 a week is a great number for us. Now to celebrate!

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