Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Challenge Is Helping!

Well, I wouldn't have believed it if it hasn't happened to me but, just following the challenge has helped us get current on some bills we were behind on for a while. First, the electric got shut off. We got it paid up (the same day) PLUS have a $150 credit towards next month! Then, this past Thursday, the cable got turned off. Again, we got it current the same day. We had been living a month behind on both for a LONG time.

Then, today Jeff informed me that we should have enough money this paycheck to get current on the mortgage! He has worked a LOT of over time this past week and will have a GREAT check! So, we will be current on ALL of our bills! I can't even remember the last time this has been true!

How has the challenge helped towards this? Well, if I had spent my normal $150 - $200 for groceries each of the past couple of weeks, we wouldn't have had the extra funds to get current! We also had some extra $ so my youngest daughter, Summer, could go take a road trip to the beach with some friends for the weekend (parents are supervising of course). It was her 17th birthday this past Tuesday so we figured it was a great birthday gift.

It's been a great experience so far. I have learned a lot about the way we consume everything and has me thinking. Wonder what the next couple of weeks hold!

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